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Why Leaves?

Are you thinking “Why I chose Creative Leaves as my brand name and how it reflects my passion?”

Being a nature lover I have been very much attracted to how leaves decorate trees and plants, and of course the beauty and uniqueness of each leaf. As you all know leaves play a vital role in carrying out the important function of “photosynthesis”. Have you ever thought, why different plants have different types of leaves?

Answer is as simple as this, “Each plant in this universe has a diverse requirement for food, water etc.. In order to adapt this requirement plants species developed this remarkable feature of producing leaves according to their need. Thus different variety of leaves are bestowed upon this nature. The real beauty of a plant lies in its leaves.”

Now this is what attracted me towards this Green Engine, and this is exactly what I wanted to do; “Create a leaf according to your requirement, strive to make it beautiful, with a uniqueness so that it becomes an irresistible asset of your company. It enhances in the growing of an organisation.

Making of brand identity

Usually my ideas take shape on paper, as this allows me to try as many designs as possible. Working directly on computer is also nice, but this not only slows down the creative process but also takes more time to execute my output, I then shift my ideas to computer for digital versions.

Like that I hit upon the idea of leaves. Why not, three leaves? coz each leaf is represented with a meaning. First leaf generates life, second gives hope and thrid stands for regeneration. On the whole it adorns simplicity.

The leaves you see in the logo are not similar to natural leaves, but more of an iconic and minimalistic version of it.


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